BBC Monitoring International Reports - June 11, 2005

Excerpt from report by Serbian news agency Beta

Banja Luka, 10 June: [Bosnia-Hercegovina] Serb Republic [RS] Interior Ministry has never claimed that policemen from Serbia and the Republic of Serb Krajina [RSK, Serb wartime parastate in Croatia] had taken part in the events in Srebrenica in July 1995, RS Police Director Radovan Pejic has told BETA.

"MUP [Ministry of Interal Affairs] RS has never confirmed that policemen from any other republic other than the RS had taken part in the operations in Srebrenica," Pejic said.

The Sarajevo Oslobodjenje reported yesterday, citing information of international circles, that MUP RS had confirmed participation of joint forces of the MUP of Serbia, the Republic of Serb Krajina, and RS in the events taking place in and around Srebrenica from 10 to 19 June 1995.

According to the daily, a report by the Working Group for Implementation of Conclusions of the Final Report by the Srebrenica Commission, signed on 31 May by commission's chairman Jovan Spajic, the RS authorities "for the first time officially recognized Serbian aggression against Bosnia-Hercegovina."

Working group chairman Jovan Spajic has told BETA that such assertions do not fall within the jurisdiction of the working group and that the group had never made them.

As he said, the group's task was to identify, on the basis of the Final Report by the Srebrenica Commission, all individuals who took part in the operations in Srebrenica, but were currently employed in the institutions of Bosnia-Hercegovina, especially its security agencies such as the police, the Intelligence-Security Service (OSA), and the Information and Protection Agency (SIPA).

Source: Beta news agency, Belgrade, in Serbian 0000 gmt 10 Jun 05

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