Albanian-Kosovo Union, a strategic objective of all Albanians
Koha Jone - November 13, 2003

By: Demir Reshiti

While awaiting the resolution of the enigma known as "The final status of Kosovo", it is better to propose options that are in favour of national unification and fight for their implementation than do nothing or, ever worse, accept in silence the options that may be proposed by the others, which in our case have traditionally proven to be to our detriment. The Albania-Kosova Union, for which the LPK Popular League of Kosova is working, seems to be a very serious project which may assist and resolve the question of Kosova Kosovo and the Albanian question in general once and for all.

Of course to implement our project it is necessary to commit all our intellectual, scientific, political, and institutional forces in our entire national ethnic space. Now this option has taken its natural form and is being debated as the right of a people to live free, equal, and united in their own state. Therefore, the establishment of such a union of the same people is their right and in conformity with international principles. This will settle the question of Kosova and the Albanian people in the Balkan region.

The people of Kosova have the right to seek unification or the establishment of a union of Kosova with Albania. This demand has been put forward in political and institutional environments and has found a very logical support based on scientific, ethnic, and geographical arguments and in many historical facts on Kosova and Albanians. With the creation of this Union, the historical injustices committed against the Albanian people, partitioned in several states to this day, will be redressed. Only in this way will the Albanian people become integrated into the European community as a people with equal rights with other peoples. Such a practical example is going to be a good way to calm down, pacify, and stabilize the regional situation.

The initiators of this project have undertaken a number of activities in order to perpetrate this idea, which is not new to our people, but embodies in itself their old aspirations. Debates have been held with various citizens, round tables and meetings with the leaders of political organizations, intellectuals and well-known analysts have been organized. Here are some of their opinions:

Servet Pellumbi Albanian Assembly Speaker : "I believe that every initiative taken, which aims at finding solutions to this situation, is a good thing. In this sense, I appreciate the initiative taken by the LPK, which is very clear and meaningful. There are several internal factors that we must sensitize better with respect to this initiative, so that it does not remain only on paper but is really implemented in practice. The initiative for the establishment of the Albania-Kosova Union sounds very nice, but it seems impossible to implement at this moment, even though it has a legal and logical basis."

Ilir Zela Chairman of the Albanian Foreign Relations Parliamentary Committee : "The official stand of the PS Socialist Party is that the status of Kosova can be resolved only on the basis of the will of its people in cooperation with the international factor. I admire this initiative of the LPK, but it must certainly be preceded by the realization of Kosova's independence."

Paskal Milo former Foreign Minister; Social Democracy Party deputy "It is a strategic objective of all Albanians and nobody can question it. It is a matter of time and of the approach to be used for this union to become real in actual practice. If you think that the whole Albanian political spectrum should divide its duties in order to bring pressure to bear on the decision making factors, then I congratulate you on this initiative, because it is a brilliant political move."

Leka Zog: Pretender to the Albanian throne "This is a necessity for our nation and the first step towards a united Albania. You will have my support and my unsparing assistance to the end."

Besnik Mustafaj Democratic Party deputy : "For us this initiative of the LPK to create the Albania-Kosova Union is a good thing because we must keep this problem at the centre of our attention and show the various decision-making circles which our objectives as a nation are."

Eqerem Spahiu Legaliteti Movement Party Chairman - PLL deputy : "The initiative taken by the LPK is in full coherence with our party's stand. Despite its cost, we have never given up the idea of the unification of the Albanian territories. We cannot accept that the integration of Albanians be done through European integration before the unification of Albania and Kosova. In principle we are in full agreement with this initiative because this is the wish of the majority of Albanians, irrespective of the various passing political circumstances."

Dritero Agolli former PS deputy and prominent writer : "This seems like a beautiful initiative to me not simply for nationalist reasons. This realizes a dream of our Renaissance men. The union would balance the two greatest chauvinistic groups in the Balkans, the Serb and the Greek chauvinists. This will be a powerful union and would do good even to Europe, because these two big wolves will always try to suppress Albania. Being a union, it will create a balance, and those wolves will be obliged to give up their ambitions. In this case, democracy will have greater opportunities because there will be more people available. Europe insists on not destroying the Serbia-Montenegro Union, in fact it has aided its creation, even though compared to us they have only a common language. In our case it is much easier to establish such a union because it is natural, because we have always been one and the same, while the Serbs and Montenegrins have been two different kingdoms.

I think that it is a good thing, but toil and sacrifices are needed to convince not only the foreigners, but also our compatriots because as Fishta renown Albanian writer used to say, it is easier to fill a sack with fleas than to unite the Albanians. I think that Albania and Kosova will approve the amendments proposed by the LPK, but they have to persuade also the international factor, explaining to it that this union would be in the benefit of Europe itself, so that Albania is not always the topic of international conferences. The dream of the people on both sides of the border is to have this union become a reality, while those who think differently are prompted by foreign factors and circumstances, although they too are afraid. If Europe goes towards unification, why should we head toward separation? This will serve a new democracy with a greater breathing space and the authority of this state will be enhanced in the world. The Albania-Kosova Union for the moment is a more acceptable solution by the international community that if we were to ask for the classical unification of all Albanian territories."

Sabri Godo former Republican deputy and writer "Everyone with Albanian blood must cherish this idea in his heart and express it when the time comes. In my view, it is still early to raise this issue now. Initially we must try to ensure Kosova's independence, which would open up the sky for us. I completely agree to use this pressure card but I am sceptical about any serious political force in Albania that would come out openly in favour of this initiative of the LPK."

Nikolle Lesi Christian Democratic Party Chairman and deputy "I can assure you of one thing: you will find greater support in the grassroots for this initiative of yours than among Albanian politicians. The people love the Albanian-Kosova Union and this is important because after all it is up to the people to voice their opinion about this issue. Regarding the party that I chair, we can put this issue for discussion even in the Assembly of Albania."

Prec Zogaj Democratic Alliance Party : "The LPK is the forerunner of the liberation of Kosova and now also of its unification with Albania. You have shown a great intelligence in launching this initiative and have put the international community in a tight spot, because it was the one that initiated the formation of the similar unions. I greatly congratulate you on all your initiatives because you have always been on the forefront. You will certainly have our unsparing help."

Fatos Lubonja prominent dissident under communist regime; analyst and journalist : "I am very much impressed by your initiative. Frankly speaking, this is the first time to hear that an Albanian political entity in Kosova comes up with a more advanced project for the future of Kosova. So far, all the parties and their leaders in Kosova only mention independence, without offering any solutions about what comes after independence! It seems absurd to me to have two small Albanian states, because as such, they would be powerless and would also form two leading elites, which for their narrow interests might also drift away from each other, something that would be very detrimental to the Albanians."

Genc Pollo Reformed Democratic Party chairman : "This is a political move that raises a concern and shows a political will. In this period, every political actor must be up to the mark of the game he is playing. Whatever happens, we are one nation and must get closer to one another because this is a necessity of the time."

Shpetim Rroqi National Front Party chairman : "It would do us honour to put forward such an idea in the Albanian Assembly. It would be very good for this idea and the debate on it to be institutionalized, that is, discussed at the level of parliament in Albania and Kosova. It is worthwhile pursuing this initiative."

Jakup Krasniqi Secretary-General of Democratic Party of Kosovo - PDK : "This is a reserve option in addition to that of independence. As an idea it is very nice, but we must work more to synchronize our actions among the various parliamentary groups so that we give it a powerful impetus. We will deal with this problem in the Presidency of the PDK Kosovo Democratic Party and I think that it should also be presented to the parliament of Kosova."

Gjergj Dedaj Chairman of Liberal Party of Kosovo - PLK : "Whether you like it or not, one day Albania and Kosova will be united. The idea put forward by the LPK is a brilliant and very important idea. For our part, we wilfully support this initiative and are willing to help in its realization. We liberals are open to cooperation with all the political subjects and particularly with those that have such projects. Personally I am a great believer in national unity."

Abdurrahman Haliti former leader of Macedonian Albanian Party for Democratic Prosperity - PPD : "This initiative has at various points in time been the concern of all Albanians. At the time when integration is on the order of the day all over the globe, there is no reason why we should not be integrated. We think that it is indispensable to coordinate all the forms of actions that lead to a higher level of integration. I was impressed by the way you have chosen to proceed in a democratic manner with the solution of this issue. I fully agree with you that initially we must ensure the pan Albanian integration then proceed with European integration."

Rexhep Qosja former Kosovo Science Academy member and activist : "The idea of national unity is an idea that has revolved the Albanian history. Some people of politics who keep changing their feathers according to political circumstances have thought fit to call the followers of this idea extremists. What can you do? The lackeys have always considered patriotism extremism. The LPK does well not to allow this great idea to die in present day Kosova involved in a process of destruction of values!"

Xhevat Ademi Member of presidency of Macedonian Albanian Democratic Union for Integration - BDI : "I congratulate you on this initiative which in the long run has been an old standing idea. We think that initially the Albanian political factors should coordinate their actions in this respect. It is worthwhile hailing your idea of holding a meeting of all the Albanian political subjects in Albania, Kosova, and Macedonia. You will have our unreserved cooperation in all aspects. You will have our constructive participation in this project. We like this idea."

Ali Ahmeti Chairman of Macedonian Albanian party Democratic Union for Integration - BDI : "Even though we have agreed with our governing partner (Macedonian Prime Minister Branko Crvenkovski) not to make statements on the status of Kosova, I continue to feel myself a LPK member and as such I must by all means support this project for the establishment of the Albania-Kosova Union."

Ruzhdi Matoshi Secretary-General of Macedonian Albanian party Democratic Party of Albanians - DPA : "As an idea it is wonderful. This is a sublime idea of all Albanians. Personally I strongly hail this initiative of yours. I can say it unhesitatingly also on behalf of the PDSh Democratic Party of Albanians because it is a noble and difficult initiative and there can hardly be anyone who can oppose it."

Milazim Krasniqi Deputy Director of Kasabank : "The Albania-Kosova Union has remained the only alternative when the aggressiveness of the international community and the intolerance of the Albanian institutional factor are seriously jeopardizing the project for the independence of Kosova."

Daut Maloku leader of Green Party of Kosovo - PGJK : "With your name and tradition, it is becoming of you to push forward this issue. You certainly need cooperation with the other subjects. I am willing on behalf of the party I chair to help you in this regard and to accept any duty that you might charge me with to carry this idea forward."

Kajtaz Fazliu: "The National Front of Kosova supports the initiative proposed to the parliament of Kosova by the LPK for the establishment of the Albania-Kosova Union if it is seen as a transitional phase towards unification of all the natural Albanian territories."

SOURCE: Koha Jone, Tirana, in Albanian 13 Nov 03

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