Irrefutable Evidence of Perjury in the Karadzic Trial - May 11, 2010


Written by: Andy Wilcoxson


The first Srebrenica witness in the trial of Radovan Karadzic perjured himself on the witness stand. Protected prosecution witness KDZ064 has given demonstrably plagiarized testimony. KDZ064 falsely testified that he had survived execution by a Bosnian-Serb firing squad by feigning death. In reality, KDZ064 plagiarized the testimony of a well-known witness named Kemal Mehmedovic.


KDZ064ís testimony is IDENTICAL in almost every minute detail to Kemal Mehmedovic's testimony. In March 1993 Mehmedovic and KDZ064 both claim to have fled Kamenica to Konjevic Polje and then to Srebrenica. KDZ064 testified that he worked in Belgrade before the war and that he had one able-bodied brother who fled through the woods with him towards Tuzla, and that he had another disabled brother who went to Potocari. Mehmedovic tells exactly the same story in his testimony. The dates, the towns, and even the disabled brother at Potocari are the same.


KDZ064 clearly plagiarized Kemal Mehmedovicís testimony and palmed it off as his own experience. Compare Kemal Mehmedovicís testimony in the trial of Bosnian Serb army officers Vidoje Blagojevic and Dragan Jokic, as well as Mehmedovicís witness statement to KDZ064ís testimony in the Karadzic trial. The testimony is way too similar to just be a coincidence.


In case you get the idea that KDZ064 is Kemal Mehmedovic. I should point out that there are some major differences between KDZ064ís testimony and Kemal Mehmedovicís testimony. KDZ064 was very open about the fact that he was a BH Army soldier, whereas Kemal Mehmedovic said in his witness statement he was not involved in any military activity. When IWPR reported on Kemal Mehmedovicís testimony they described his demeanor as that of  ďa frail man, who was obviously traumatized by the event,Ē but KDZ064ís demeanor was bombastic and combative and the judges frequently had to intervene to calm him down. KDZ064 was anything but "frail".


Secondly, why would Kemal Mehmedovic conceal his identity and testify under a pseudonym *AFTER* he had already testified publicly about exactly the same events using his own name? It would be totally senseless. If anybody was going to do him harm on account of his testimony, they would have already done it by now. Kemal Mehmedovicís name and his testimony haven't been a secret since he testified in public using his own name in 2005. There's isn't anything for Kemal Mehmedovic to hide so why would he try? The only reason somebody would want to conceal their identity is because they are lying and that is clearly the case with KDZ064.


And really, if I can figure this out. The prosecutor should have been able to figure it out too.

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